Day 24


I got to grips with the tram system here today. 4.30 euros for a day travel card, it is a quick and efficient way of getting about.

I had heard about the Association of Fishermen’s inaugural Social Networking Party at the Bordeaux Lac so I went along to investigate.




Moving on, I headed to the small beach at the Lake and tried to sort out the route for tomorrow if all goes well. The new wheel is due to be delivered to the distributor by noon so I am hoping for an early afternoon repair and then off to Arcachon by train.

On my way back to get the tram it was great to see that the shade offered by the trees around the lake was being used for dozens of large scale picnics. They certainly live an outdoor life here, even though the Bordeaux climate is notoriously changeable.



Back into  to town for supper, the early evening promenade was in full swing along the riverside. Apparently the charismatic  Mayor has been instrumental in making huge changes to the riverfront and transport system. He is given a lot of the credit for Bordeaux’s renaissance and it is certainly amongst the liveliest and most attractive cities I have visited.



A final look at the miroir d’eau, the water feature opposite the Bourse and then back to the hotel with fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Tonight it was spraying a mist across the embankment.



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