Day 32



That’s it then.

Evidence of me arriving in Hendeye followed by the Frontier notice as I crossed into Spain. Not quite Check Point Charlie but it will do!

Heading down to see Ceris, and the MacDonalds tomorrow and planning to return to the UK on 17/18 June.

Thanks for looking in. Hope you enjoyed the ride. I certainly did. Great trip, great bike, great fun!

Thanks most of all to Gilly for encouraging me, before, and all the way through, the trip. It will be great to see her soon.

You want to do WHAT next??

You want to do WHAT next??

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8 Responses to Day 32

  1. Karen Patmore says:

    Well done Dave. It has been a great read from the comfort of our sofa .
    A fantastic achievement
    Alan is doing the London to Brighton next weekend -a bit tame in comparison!!
    See you soon
    love Karen and Alan

  2. Kitey says:

    Great stuff Dave … Not sure how we will feel our evenings now we can’t tune in to your blog. Have a nice time whilst you’re in Spain and look forward to seeing you when you get back

  3. Kitey says:

    Oops should always read before sending ‘ feel’ is obviously an accented version of ‘fill’…!

  4. Kate says:

    Wow uncle Dave who knew?!?! Glad to see you’ve finished in time to replace Bradley Wiggins on the Tour….
    Congratulations on your ride, and a smashing blog!!!
    Kate xx

  5. mike walker says:

    Well done Dave. Great story. Mike and Anne – from sunny Alaska.

  6. Alan and Margaret says:

    Congrats Dave, great epic pedal………..look forward to seeing you in Moraira. I’ve taken the liberty of booking a masseur for you when you are here, those legs and buttocks must have taken a pounding……….found him in the Benidorm Post!!!!!

  7. Peter Dentist says:

    Dave, Well done, your piles should be cured by now.
    Actually, I am very very impressed.

  8. Jerome says:

    Congratulations on your most excellent bicyclings!
    Very good reading and a good journey and hopefully no air is getting out the tyres!

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