Day 31

Last day of camping.

Madam did not take her rejection by Jose well!


I decided to stay well clear of  town today, it is clearly a place riven with tension as the mature residents vie for the attention of the young visitors. Instead I decided to pop to the local beach, swim a bit in the sea and the pool and get ready for the last leg tomorrow.

Another beautiful day, I cycled to the local beach.

The sea was a bit lively!





Undaunted, I fearlessly stood by and watched people being bowled over by the surf as they waded into the water. I did manage to get in as far as my ankles but, thinking that discretion is the better part of valour, I decided that that was enough to claim I had been in the Atlantic on the trip. I retired for a coffee.

A quiet afternoon in the pool finishing my excellent book on High Frequency Trading and listening to the old people’s playlist on the IPod. the only company for an hour or so this odd looking beetle. Any suggestions for what it might be?



A shower, a quick cycle up to the cafe overlooking the local beach for a snack




and home to bed before it gets dark and I can’t find my thermals! It’s tough, but somebody has got to do it!

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