Day 22


I was up early to get the bike to the distributors. There are cycle routes all the way through town so it was an easy journey.

I passed the local Deloittes office on the way and thought of you Chris! I didn’t think it warranted a picture though. It would only stir up memories for you!

The chaps at the distributors couldn’t have been more helpful even though the language barrier made explanations on both sides challenging! To cut to the chase, by a process of elimination and cannibalising bikes they had, we worked out that it was a faulty motor and that we would have to get new front wheel and hub motor. They don’t hold stocks suitable for my bike so I agreed to contact Ansmann and let them know the situation. I would then let the distributors know the score.

When I got back to the hotel I was delighted to have received an email from Ansmann saying that they had anticipated that the drive might be the fault from my description and so had arranged for a FedEx delivery of a wheel and drive to be sent to the distributors from Germany. The tracking number says it should arrive on Monday. Great customer service Ansmann!!

I have therefore extended my stay in Bordeaux till then and have worked out that I can still complete the trip if I get back to Arcachon on Monday night or Tuesday. Fingers crossed.

Ceris and I have arranged to transport the bike from Irun, just across the border in Spain, to Castellon by van where we will leave it for later collection by Gilly and me. I suspect Cesar and Ceris might be tempted to give it a try in our absence!

I will then return the van to Irun, hopefully via Alan and Margaret  in Moraira, and get the train home via Paris and the Eurostar. Are you keeping up?

So, that’s the plan…..for now!

In the meantime, a couple of pictures from Bordeaux where there has been lovely sunshine today. It certainly has a beautiful  town centre and is a lively place. More tomorrow.

Overnight parking!

Overnight parking!




I am sure that is a Coypu playing on the banks of the river. If not, beware the giant rats of Bordeaux

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3 Responses to Day 22

  1. Raye says:

    Good luck with the new plan. this has been an epic journey. I have really enjoyed following along. You should publish your blogs!.
    PS What is that huge rat like animal?

  2. davestrong10 says:

    It’s a Coypu I hope Raye, otherwise it’s a huge rat!!

  3. Kitey says:

    Day 22 and I find out where to leave a comment! Good luck with the repair – it would be a shame not to finish the journey after so much progress

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