Day 18

Rochefort. . After The Lord Mayor’s show!

Whoopee! My special hotel vouchers, courtesy of the watch forum, worked so I got an almost free night at the hotel in La Rochelle. Icing on the cake! Rochefort would have a lot to live up to.

A visit to the market cafe for breakfast and then off down the coast towards Rochefort. The path was pretty good along the coast road but then went inland and was, not to put too fine a point on it, a bit drab. A bit like cycling round the back streets of Littlehampton……I imagine.

Only a couple of photos today. I forgot to charge the camera battery. Normal service to be resumed tomorrow.

two for the birders:




I wasn’t sure sure what either was but the first looks and sounded like some sort of warbler and the second could be a yellow wagtail. I did see my first Hoopoe today. If I do get a picture of one you will be able to see why it is easier to spot than either of the 2 mystery birds.

And one for the record:


Part of the route ran alongside a dual carriageway. A signpost showed 100 miles to go to Bordeaux. Not all that relevant since I am not going there but it does give an idea of how far south I am.

Rochefort is a grand old city with lots of grand old buildings including the extraordinarily long royal ropemaker’s building. It just didn’t have the vibrancy of La Rochelle, although, in its defence, it is a cloudy Monday afternoon and I did just happen to arrive in La Rochelle on a red letter day for them.

Cameraless, I did a quick walking tour around the centre and then came back to the hotel to do some laundry. Well, Monday is washing day.

An early start tomorrow. The target is Royan at the mouth of the Gironde.

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