Day 13

Target: Les Sables-d’Olonne

Another 60km ride today.

It rained heavily for a while and I was forced to shelter for over an hour in a shack in a wood.  Even worse, I had to share my shack with a family who were eating a full-on picnic having arrived, dry as a bone, in a Citroen.

I had met up by chance with Ally and Jeff (from the ferry) in a cafe and we compared notes. They are seasoned cycle tourers and their advice on camping was very welcome. I have yet to do the camping thing because I haven’t felt warm enough. I will do though, otherwise lugging the tent, sleeping bag and my very special cot (details to follow in due course…. maybe even pictures!) will have proved a total waste of time.

Ally kindly invited me to join them for an al fresco lunch but I got caught in a gate and one of my rear panniers was pulled off. By the time I had re-packed we had parted ways and I carried on, a bit hungry and disconsolate, looking for a baguette!

Then the rain came. I found the shelter but had to endure the contended sighs of replete companions while I pined for a crumb of comfort. None was offered as I dripped quietly in the corner.

When the rain eased  I continued on my way and limped into Les Sables, hungry, wet but triumphant.

I will stop here tomorrow. It looks like a fine town and the forecast is not good. In the meantime, a brief foray into photo-journalism:

St Jean de Monts – My kind of town!



St Hilaire de Riez:



I don’t know either!

Today’s route:

image image


And one for a Poppy: hope your’s is this neat Merv!


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1 Response to Day 13

  1. Raye says:

    Love today’s pics. Thereby hangs a tale! Sorry about the weather, seems to be global. It’s pi.. Raining hard here too!

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