Day 8

May 16

Redon calling!

A very nice little town where the Nantes -Brest canal meets the Villaine which starts in the north at St Malo. More importantly, at the junction of the 2 canals close to the centre of town the Velodyssey enters Loire-Atlantique so I have cycled Brittany!



A hard day’s riding today so a brief post before crashing out!

From Malestroit to the south the canal path was washed away in many places because of the February floods.



There were “Route Barre” signs everywhere but no detours shown. I had to bite the bullet and push the bike when the path was unrideable. A few kilometres pushing over the day was enough to tire me out but, about halfway, I met and chatted to a chap who was cycling from Vietnam to Paris and was making a detour to the west of France!  Quelle Homme!

Suitably humbled! I got on with it and was rewarded by a lunchtime treat at one of the few canalside eateries I have come across.

imageA fine creperie in a beautiful spot. A wafer thin pancake with cheese, lardons and asparagus followed by crepe coated in caramel. The meal was washed down with a beer and I was set up for the last leg into Redon


And so to bed……

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