Day 6

14 May

I decided it was time to get some miles under my belt today.

Just under 6 hours in the saddle and tonight I am in Pontivy after another day on the canal towpath. Brilliant sunshine all day, it was warm enough for me to take off my jacket for the first time and, I have to say, I thought I cut a dash in my non-Lycra ensemble. Sadly you will just have to take my word for it. I have yet to learn how to take a selfie with the digital camera.

Just before halfway I arrived at the beautiful Abbaye de Bon Repos. The photo doesn’t do it justice but, after cycling hard, to be honest I was more interested in the Baguette Americaine that Yvette had just given me at the lovely little cafe opposite the Abbaye on the banks of the canal. I don’t think it was the same Yvette but I can’t be sure.


Next on to Mur de Bretagne (not a mur in sight!) away from the canal and then freewheeling down a 3km hill to rejoin the waterway into Pontivy. Whoopee!!!

I found a nice little building project for someone to take on:




and just for Gilly my favourite shutter of the day. More to follow.



Pontivy seems to be a very attractive town but, with 70kms on the clock today and now well over 200kms on the trip odometer, I will leave the tour for another day and hit the sack.

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