Day 3

May 11

The rest of the day wasn’t so bad:




It all started so well!

Vincent gave me directions to rejoin the route avoiding the significantly hilly parts of the town. They worked perfectly and within 15 minutes I was back on the Velodyssey. The sun shone and the track, mostly compressed gravel, was good.  The route goes along an old rail track between Morlaix and Carhaix and through lovely deciduous woodland with babbling brooks, bird song etc etc!

Then it hailed! Within a few seconds I was sodden and took shelter in one of the old railway stations which line this part of the route. The hail eased off but was replaced by showers which alternated with bright sunshine.

Most it the way there was a fairly gentle incline and I swore my love for the bike and it’s gently humming hub drive. The rain had made the surface gloopy and it was hard work for all the cyclists, even this ersatz one! It was switched on for about 75% of the time today so I was starting to get a bit anxious as I got near to Carhaix and the battery began to drain. It hasn’t replaced my family in my affections but it tried its best to do so today!

And the Pompiers?

As I went around a bend there they were, preparing to do an exercise climbing over the bridge to the road below. Then a horse and rider arrived as I was “chatting” to mes nouveaux amis. A fine photo opportunity of a combination rarely seen on the Velodyssey.

Sadly I didn’t get a picture of me passing one of the gypsy caravans which use this part of the route as a holiday home. As I passed, I swerved a bit and ended up leaning and stopped (me and the bike) against a large white horse. Now that would have been a picture!

In my Carhaix lodging for the night now and, because there is another poor forecast for the next 2 days, a short hop tomorrow to a motor bikers b&b next to the Brest / Nantes canal. I have booked in for 2 nights to see this weather out. Fully expecting to see Dave Wilmer there ( a reference for the Sussex crowd!)

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4 Responses to Day 3

  1. Jane&Chris says:

    You always had a thing about men in uniform didn’t you old chap? All the best for tomorrow. Forecast certainly looking better.
    Chris n Jane

  2. chris says:

    hello sir dave I present my name is christopher I am a firefighter you cross on the way between Morlaix and Carhaix, you’ve surprised your journey you started we wish you good luck and it is with great pleasure that we will follow you good luck ….

  3. Raye says:

    Wow Dave Horses and men in Uniform. I’ve got a bike!

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