9 May 2014

Day 1: 9th May After a fine meal with good friends at the Riser in Nutbourne last night, off to bed and slept like a baby. By that I mean that I woke up every few minutes and was heard to whimper every now and then. I must be more anxious about this trip than I thought.

We woke early and, feeling a bit queezy, I headed off to the station after the obligatory “old bloke about to do something stupid” photo outside the house.


The train journey to Plymouth involved 3 changes, no guaranteed bike spaces and only minutes between connections. As it turned out it all went smoothly but I wasn’t to know that in advance so it gave me ample opportunity for controlled panic. I’m sure we took this sort of thing our stride much more in our youth! On the plus side, I seem to have cracked cycle touring. Nearly 6 hours of travelling and I am now on the ferry after a pleasant afternoon at the seafront and I’ve only got 6 miles on the trip computer!


Plymouth Hoe

Plymouth Hoe

Tomorrow the route is Roscoff to Morlaix – unless it is sheeting with rain in which case it will just be Roscoff.

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2 Responses to 9 May 2014

  1. Nice house! How’d you bear to leave?
    Hope all’s well Dave – what you up to noi???

  2. davestrong10 says:

    Good to know you can see Peter turned up for work early!

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